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Medicinal Benefits of Graviola  Guyabano Guanabana



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Medicinal Benefits of Graviola  Guyabano Guanabana


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  • kills cancer cells
  • slows tumor growth
  • kills bacteria
  • kills parasites
  • reduces blood pressure
  • lowers heart rate
  • dilates blood vessels
  • sedates
  • relieves depression

  • reduces spasms
  • kills viruses
  • reduces fever
  • expels worms
  • stimulates digestion
  • stops convulsions


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  Selected high quality graviola/ guanabana leaves and bark in dried form.

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  Soursop is a tasty and really healthy fruit, great for juices or eat fresh. The Graviola tree fruit is known as Soursop, it has been found to be beneficial in treating and aiding in curing some types of cancers. It’s properties make it able to fight off cancerous cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed.



             It boosts the immune system and aids its abilities to fight off bacteria and viruses. Soursop is also helpful in lowering blood pressure and serves as a natural sleep aid. Please be sure to monitor your blood pressure. Be careful. Many cancer patients have claimed that Soursop has helped them gain a full recovery. For those who are suffering from disease or not, Soursop is definitely worth a try.


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  Here you can read how recommends the SoursopTea for cancer treatment. 

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    The method would be just like that for the green leaves, but personally I think its best to boil rapidly. This is because I believe the dried leaves release their components slower than the green leaves. Some rapid boiling action and a follow-up steeping while I allow it to cool a bit always works for me.

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   Remember bits of the bark can be used as well, and short rapid boiling action also works best for me here to make the most of the leaves and bark.

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  The leaves can be used green or dried. The usefulness of the plant for nerve disorders is another benefit I recall being told of. A concoction from both the leaves and the bark of the soursop plant is used to treat cancer.

  In a nut shell among the major benefits of soursop tea are its ability to:

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  Cure or alleviates nerve ailments.


  Cure cancer (use leaves along with the bark to make the tea).

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  Individuals who had difficulty sleeping have also related that the soursop tea helps them to sleep better.


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   Sour sop the Secret for Perfect Sleep

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 Through my continued research and in response to your questions, I have found information on another method of preparing soursop tea and how many glasses a cancer patient should take per day for treatment.



Prepare Sour sop tea by cleaning 10 leaves & 3 pieces of bark very well in cold water.

      Boil 2000 liters or 2 quarts of distilled water. Add 10 old, dark green sour sop leaves and bark.

   Allow it to boil rapidly for 30 minutes.

  Drink one 8 oz. glass twice per day for 30 Days. Contact me by email or phone to receive new dosage instructions for maintenance dosage. 

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      In the story of the Kirlews, the wife had the tea three times per day. I doubt the tea she had was this strong. You could do a bit of experimenting. Here’s the link for a refresher on the cancer cure story of the couple.

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 Effects: It is said that the patient may feel some heat in the body, similar to that felt during chemotherapy. After two weeks of treatment with the sour sop tea, the cancer patient can go to the doctor for a check up.

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Remember: I share information as I find them, and usually in response to your queries. Although I am positive we have a natural remedy winner here, your health and the choices you make are your responsibility.

 Dried SourSop Bark & Stems (8 oz Pack ) Harvested From The Wild

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